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The USAfrica Chamber of Commerce proactively brings together the correct resources, members, and partnerships necessary to accelerate the development of human capital to the benefit of American and African constituents.  A civic and commercial professional organization with compatible abilities coming together to pursue a clear, cornerstone objective is the modern approach of solving problems and advancing economies.  More can be accomplished by focusing on a collective objective instead of selling to or buying from each other. 

A professionally orchestrated collaboration to increase the number of peoples with well-developed personal and professional skills is the simple answer to complex questions about how to stabilize, grow, and sustain economies of all geographies and cultures.  Our organization is structured for membership and partnerships consisting of innovators, experts, and professionals most interested, motivated, and capable of coming together to contribute successfully and profitably while accelerating the optimization of human capital in American and African economies and communities.

2018 Human Captial Initiative

Non-Cognitive Skills

Under-developed personal and professional soft skills work against economic policy, planning, measurable economic and behavioral progress.

Why Africa?

Many leaders in these nations face the same challenges associated with declining and under-developed human capital in the US. 

Decision Navigation Africa

This key skill development research initiative architected by the USAfrica COC begins proof of concept teaching and learning best practices.

Membership & Partnership


This member has the capacity to influence conversations, offer resource contributions, or add complimentary expertise to promote the success of peoples and economies.


This member is known to bring something to the table in human capital development that can be integrated into a holistic solution that is marketed and commercialized with other solution members.


This level of membership is for people and organizations interested in access to national and international promotion as a thought leader in this critical area of economics and progress.

For Your Consideration

Selection Process

Collaborating successfully on the development of human capital is not for everyone or every business. Our memberships and partnerships focus on a broad range of skills, capabilities, expertise, and competencies that can prove to influence, impact, and deliver human capital capacity increases. 

If growing your business or your reputation as a thought leader can benefit from this unique Chamber structure, please contact us today for your Membership Application!


All Memberships Require Completion And Acceptance Of A Membership Application

Newest Member Partner

Main Street Pilot

This personal life skills and professional soft skills development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA has pioneered the Decision Navigation™ methodology content and programs selected by USAfrica COC as the content provider for a 2018 Africa Human Capital Initiative.


Sir Joe Madu - President

After a successful decade of Chamber leadership in the West Africa America Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Dallas, Texas, USA, USAfrica COC is a personal and professional vision of Mr. Madu.  Mr. Madu is the anchor to a newly forming senior leadership team at the USAfrica Chamber of Commerce.  His vision to focus private, public, and commercial efforts to untap the most underdeveloped economic and community-capable resources within human capital is a result of tireless efforts to fully leverage US capabilities and West African self-sustainability interests.  Please contact Mr. Madu's office to congratulate him on his latest initiatives or to lean more about leadership opportunities.

Mr. Brian Searcy - Chairman

 Prior to his current role as Chairman of the Board for the USAfrica COC, Brian was involved in critical operations as a career Air Force senior officer.  Brian had the responsibility of interrelational skills development and managing operations, including combat operations, with growing skill shortages. He not only knows firsthand the impact of personal skill shortages, he is keenly aware of the limitations of most training and skill development options in educational, commercial, and government markets. Brian continues his thirty-one-year leadership journey as CEO of Main Street Pilot, after having received two advanced degrees in leadership, operating responsibility for billions of dollars of assets, founding startups, publishing expert works, and public speaking. 

Mr. Curtis Stratton - Board Member

 Curtis’ career has seen him publish several books, be featured in numerous publications as a contributor (including D Magazine), work as a copywriter for an international PR firm, and lead several projects in the video and audio mediums.  With a publishing deal at 17, he was accepted at the University of North Texas before deciding to become Main Street Pilot’s first content editor, which led to him aiding in the publication of Inspired Right, where his expertise in positive human capital development began.  He now serves as Chief Content Officer of MSP. 


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